Business coaching

The importance of effective business analysis is increasing due to changing circumstances. Companies’ business objectives must be functional and anticipate changes quickly. Customer needs and competitors’ strengths must be understood to secure profitable growth and competitive advantages in changing market conditions. The ability of the companies’ management to anticipate changes, and in particular the ability to transform changes into new assets, enables growth and success.

Myrobo’s business sparring and coaching help companies clarify their current situation, identify required action plans to solve problems and find new ways to develop profitable growth. The business coaching service aims to help companies build their business with concrete plans and measures.

Our business coaching focuses on assisting companies in developing their business and enhancing their ability to change. The service includes e.g.

  • analysing the current situation of the company
  • analysing and modelling the impact of market and industry changes
  • analysing and modelling of the company’s new business areas
  • evaluating possibilities to expand
  • evaluating changes in customer needs and customer potential
  • preparing a competition analysis
  • assisting in the preparation of business transformation plans
  • developing a dynamic business plan

Our coaching service aims to help companies develop and grow their business by delivering concrete assessments, ideas, and proposals for measures.

The scope of business development projects is assessed together with the customer. The assessment and implementation of the project’s needs are mainly carried out using different communication services.

The scope and price of the coaching project depend on the need of the company. The price per day is 400,00 € (VAT 0%).

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