Business development reports

We prepare a company-specific analysis and modelling reports to support companies’ decisions. The available-for-order reports contain the topics below:

  1. Market and industry changes and impacts on the company’s competitiveness
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors
  3. Factors and variables affecting the demand and competitiveness of products and services
  4. Customer potential and customer selection analysis
  5. Variables and opportunities related to growth and profitability
  6. Opportunities and obstacles of internationalisation and destination
  7. Internal and external variables of the business ecosystem
  8. Risks and defects in the company’s development
  9. Technological change impacts on business and profitability

We will prepare company-specific analysis and modelling reports to support company decisions. The target of the reports is to provide guidelines for company decisions and operational action plans.

The price per report is 200,00 € (VAT 0%).

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