Business development services

The essential success factors for the profitable growth of companies are the ability to understand and react to rapidly changing market situations and the ability to develop their competitiveness in varying circumstances. The business idea and objectives must be functional, and the right customer target groups must be understood, enabling companies to grow profitably in changing market conditions. Anticipate your company’s opportunities and risks with Myrobo’s innovative business development services!

We have developed a specific software program to ensure the accuracy of the results of the analysis. The software program enables to define variables affecting companies’ business in various business areas.

Our innovative business development services include

The ability to change and unique competitive advantage are significant success factors for the companies’ long-term profitability and growth. Speed and accuracy in decision-making play a substantial role in companies’ success in a rapidly changing business ecosystem. This requires:

  • Understanding market changes and ability to take measures
  • Understanding and anticipating external and internal opportunities and risks
  • Adapting products and services to changing demand

Myrobo’s development services aim to help companies systematically to improve their profitability and competitiveness.

We provide also consultancy work to define strategies and operative plans. Our other consulting services include

  • Developing and analysing strategy and business plans
  • Exploring and supporting outsourcing plans
  • Developing project plans and assisting projects
  • Support in expanding to international markets

The price of consultancy projects is determined by the scope of the projects. The price per day is 400,00 € (VAT 0%).

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