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Innovative business development

How can companies manage change and utilise the dynamics effectively for the development of profitable growth and competitiveness?

Innovative business development is a critical success factor of the future. The business conditions of the companies are constantly changing. Globalisation, technological development and digitalisation are changing the business environment of companies and enabling new kinds of competitors to enter the market.  Also, customer needs and purchasing behaviour are changing due to global technology development. To succeed in challenging market conditions, companies must find new ways to compete against new players and strengthen customer interest. How to turn the forces of change to key advantages?

To succeed, companies must anticipate changes and convert uncertainties into success factors. The management and the organisation must keep the companys’ mission clear. Strategies need to be adapted to rapidly changing market situations. Services, processes, organisation, and technological solutions must be transparent and change-permitting now and in the future. Anticipate the impact of internal and external risk factors and turn them into competitive advantages!

Change renews and creates competitiveness!

Myrobo Ltd. specialises in business development by offering new innovative services to enhance the profitability and competitiveness of companies.

Business analysis and modelling

The objective of the analysis and modelling service is to identify and model external and internal uncertainties and changes affecting companies’ business development. The service produces future business scenarios and SWOT analysis for companies to grow their business and competitiveness profitably. The developed software identifies opportunities, risks, and silent variables and models their impacts on business development scenarios. The analysis and modelling service enables companies to assess the effects of plans and decisions on their business, find new business areas, ensure the growth of profitable customers, and develop their competitiveness.

The analysis and modelling service also includes a profitability assessment. The profitability tool is used for evaluating, among other things, changes in sales, the profitability of marketing measures, productivity of operations and unprofitable operations. Based on the method, the profitability tool evaluates, e.g. potential market changes.

Secure your company’s decisions and minimise miscalculation!


CompanyMapping is a new kind of business development service that aims to find new business segments for companies. The aim is to map out new business potentials for companies that help companies to renew and enable profitable growth. In addition, the CompanyMapping service can identify potential business partners domestically and internationally. The target of defining new business partners is to gain synergies and minimise risks in business growth.

Business growth through cooperation!

Internationalisation services

Expansion into international markets is an important opportunity for the company’s development and growth. The global market opens new possibilities for companies to expand or launch new products. Internationalisation is a demanding measure that requires precise plans and funding. Myrobo’s strength is its understanding of operating in international markets and its extensive network in several countries. Internationalisation services focus on analysing success opportunities and risks and drawing up action plans.

Business coaching

The ability to change is one of the most critical assets of a company’s success. Both the sole entrepreneur and the management of a larger company need to understand the changes as new opportunities and success factors in the long term. The constant business changes will require tremendous efforts, such as updating the strategies and operating models more frequently. Many companies may need a completely new business area or a new type of business support. Our business coaching and sparring helps companies to clarify the situation and find new ways to adapt to changes and develop profitable growth.

Make sure your business idea and goals work and find the right customers!

Profitability and competitiveness are essential success factors for the company’s growth. Speed and accuracy in decision-making significantly impact the company’s success in a rapidly changing business ecosystem. To succeed and grow profitably, companies have to:

  • Identify the market changes and take the necessary measures
  • Anticipate and understand external and internal uncertainties and risks
  • Anticipate changes in demand and customer behaviour
  • Adapt services and products profitably

The objective of Myrobo’s development services is systematically to help companies to strengthen their competitive ability and intensify profitable growth.



Myrobo innovative business development services

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